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HI. I live in Russia. I want to change to howl life. I want to be rich, famous and independent. Anyone can change lives for the better. Of this I am writingon his blog.

Sorry for my bad English.

how to become rich
Ways to get rich quick

1 Become a famous writer

2 Forex Trading

3 Internet. Work on the Internet

4 Other options

But most importantly: Change your thinking. Throw away the stereotypes and start thinking anew. As a rich man.

my condolences
Japan - it's a real nightmare and horror.

my story
Sergey Podgornykh

W 0000000001 M

I found the Wish Machine by chance in the attic. A sure way to find something is to climb up the squeaky ladder to our attic. Once I found there a slightly cracked mirror and a somewhat rusty dagger. And once I dug up a quart of dragon webbing infusion in the attic and was going to hand it in to aunt Elly, but uncle Brack told me not to touch the bottle and said that he would chop my hands off if I ever dare touch his brew. You can find the strangest things in our attic.

The Wish Machine wouldn't have caught my attention if not for the bright white spots on its oval body - letters "W" and "M". I know all letters. Aunt Elly taught me all the letters a long time ago, when our king Howard was still young and would go hunting every day. Aunt Elly is kind-hearted. She loves me but she is very sick.

Then in the attic I didn't know that it was a Wish Machine and took it for an abandoned barrel which used to contain cedar infusion. One side of the wish barrel had a worn handle like barrel organs have. Sometimes in our courtyard we see an old organ-grinder with a lilliputian dragon on his shoulder. The dragon is kind and cannot fly. I like to pet him on his rough green skin. Uncle Brack disapproves of me going to the organ-grinder and petting the dragon. Sometimes when he catches me doing that he gets angry. And then he adds: "Some are wise and some are otherwise." When our neighbour, Astra, hears that, she gets very cross and calls uncle Brack a heartless fool. Astra is young and beautiful...

to be continued

gold flash
this is my russian flash card today

this is my flash card in the future

plumbing & mad Russian plumbing
this is my mad russian plumbing today

this is my plumbing in the future

car & car
this is my car today

this is my car in the future

today & future
this is my toilet today

this is my toilet in the future


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